Air conditioning during a Melbourne summer can make a great deal of difference. We are experiencing some hot summers and there are even days in spring and autumn when we need the air conditioning system working. It can make a massive difference to our lifestyle, but it does come at a cost. There are some common mistakes that people make that can impact on the size of the bill associated with keeping their home cool. It is worth looking at these and making sure that if you have a residential air conditioning system that you address these items to keep your costs down.

Having the wrong sized system

It is important that you select an air conditioner that is the correct size for your house. An air conditioning unit that is too small will be forced to run constantly, which will be expensive and place a lot of stress on the unit over time, reducing its operating life. If you choose a system that is too large, then it may be too quick to cool the space without removing the humidity, tending to regularly come on and then turn off rapidly which is not how it was designed to function and may impact on its operating life.

In addition, because it is able to cool the space so quickly, it may also struggle to effectively maintain uniform temperatures. When deciding the cooling capacity for residential air conditioning, you need look at the size and design of the space to be cooled, how much direct sun it gets, the insulation you have in place and how many people you usually have in the room.

Cooling spaces unnecessarily