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Optimise The Air Quality Of Your Home

Optimise The Air Quality Of Your Home There is no doubt that you will be using an air conditioning system during summer to cool down and during winter to warm up. But how sure are you that your air conditioner is producing healthy air that you will be breathing in? Houses should be fully protected [...]

Add-on Air Conditioning with Advance Heating and Cooling

Keep Hay fever out and the cool air in After a long and cold winter, most of us look forward to warmer weather. But when spring is sprung, many of us find ourselves sneezing more than with winter flu season. In fact, 1 in 7 people suffer from hay fever. A reaction to pollen and [...]

Investing in Climate Control

You Should Invest in Climate Control If You're in Melbourne The temperature and climate in Melbourne is extremely unpredictable. During the summer months, residents can expect regular heat waves from time to time, while the winter months can get rather cold as well. Due to the extremes of temperature in Melbourne, it can be a [...]

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Heating and Cooling Needs?

Advance Heating and Cooling is one of the leading HVAC companies that currently offers a range of different services to customers all over Melbourne. At Advance Heating and Cooling, we aim to become a one-stop solution to all of your heating and cooling needs. Our services are divided into four broad categories: heating and cooling, [...]

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

Evaporative cooling is a natural process. One of the main examples of evaporative cooling taking place all around is perspiration. When you perspire, your body releases sweat, and as sweat evaporates, it ends up cooling your body. The principle used in evaporative cooling is also pretty much the same. There are dedicated evaporative cooling systems [...]

Why You Should Consider Ducted Heating for your Home

Why You Should Consider Ducted Heating for your Home Ducted heating and Melbourne. A pair that belongs together. One must admit that there’s nothing more Melbourne than getting home after long winter’s day or a chilly night out and rushing to turn on the ducted heating. When it comes heating solutions, ducted heating reigns supreme. [...]

What You Should Know Before Investing in a Split System Installation

Heating and cooling solutions are a must have for Melbourne’s chilly winter nights and sometimes unbearable summer days. Whether you need to warm up or cool down, a split system is a worthwhile investment. In this blog, we’ll help you understand more about split system installations and why they’re worth your hard-earned dollars. Split Systems [...]

Why You Need AC Wholesalers for Parts and Installations

Why You Need AC Wholesalers For Parts & Installations Do you need help finding the correct air conditioning parts and components in order to repair an air conditioning unit? While of course an air conditioning technician has to be qualified, they still need to have first rate air conditioning parts in order to do their work. [...]

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks from your Gas Heater

How To Prevent A Carbon Monoxide Leak From Your Gas Heater A gas heater that was not installed correctly or has become faulty over time can cause a carbon monoxide leak in your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs in homes when the heat exchanger is cracked inside the heater. Duct in the ducts or in [...]

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