Summer is a time when we all feel the impact of the heat. It can affect our lives in many ways and it can be very draining when it affects our rest and relaxation time. We tend to rely on specialised heating and cooling systems for our living environment to provide the solution. But there are other ways that we can think about changing our living environment to help keep us feeling cooler in the hottest times of the year.

Change the mood of your interior decoration

It can be difficult to feel motivated and energetic when it is hot. It is not easy to get away in our busy lives to enjoy summer resorts. But we can bring some of that summer holiday feeling into our home. Be a little creative to enjoy the summer resort vibe and you will not have to spend much money to achieve this. Maybe you would like to enjoy a coastal theme or bring some of the feeling of the beach indoors. Coastal decor, such as coral, seashell, and driftwood decorations can make a big difference. Brightly coloured tropically themed throw rugs or cushion covers for your lounge will also lift your living space.

Install good insulation

Often we are focused on using specialised heating and cooling systems, but if your house is not properly insulated then they will be much less effective. Inefficient insulation means that you will be feeling the heat from your roof flowing into your living environment. By installing suitable insulation, you are able to make a big difference on a hot sunny day. You might also consider having suitable ventilation in your roof space to allow hot air to flow out and to help keep the temperature of your roof down.

Reduce heat transfer through your windows

During the day, if you have suitable blinds and curtains, you are able to keep some of the heat out. Thick block-out curtains are able to ensure that heat cannot flow into your home and will keep internal temperatures down. You could consider installing awnings as well that are able to be lowered to block the sun when it shines directly onto windows. In the evening, there can often be a substantial drop in temperature, so it is also good to have windows that you can open that will allow the cooler air to flow through your living space. If you have insect issues, then install suitable quality screens that will provide you with protection for many years.

Wear suitable clothing

Ideally, you should select loose-fitting cotton clothing to help you stay cool. It is also good to reduce the amount of moisture that occurs in places on your body where the skin makes contact to prevent heat rashes and the potential for a fungus to grow. Try not to wear clothing that will retain moisture. Instead, choose items that draw moisture away from your skin and then evaporate to help keep you cool. If you need to wear shoes or boots and socks, then make sure that these dry out properly overnight and that you also provide the opportunity for your feet to cool down during the day.


You also need to think about what is suitable for your bed at night time. Polyester can cause sweating and it is also important to realise that silk and polyester sheets will tend to stick to your skin when you sweat. It is better to choose quality cotton sheets that will help keep you cooler at night. Choosing good cotton pyjamas can also help you to feel more comfortable while you sleep.

Drink lots of fluids

A good way to help keep your body temperature down is to have lots of fluids. Perspiration is a natural cooling process so that when you lose moisture through evaporation it helps reduce the temperature of your skin. Also, filling your body with delicious cooling fluids can be a very enjoyable way to spend some time. Use ice blocks to cool your drinks. Think about freezing your water bottle so that you will have a steady supply of cold water when you are out and about. Remember though, it is best not to have lots of sugary drinks and these can even cause problems with hydration. Drinking lots of cold water are the most effective way of helping to keep you cool.

Eat right

On a hot day, eating heavy or rich foods that leave you feeling bloated can be a terrible feeling. The hot weather is a good time to look at your diet. Lighter foods are the best option for summer. There are many different foods you can have and it is not difficult to prepare a quick meal easily at home.

It is a great time to explore eating salads. There are many different types you can have including those that have meat, fish, or chicken in them. You can have vegetable salads, such as roast pumpkin. You can explore with different types of dressings to find what suits your taste. Avocados will give you a nice full feeling and at the same time be good for you.

Summer is an excellent time for eating fruit. There are so many varieties easily available that you can explore how you eat them. Refrigerate them to have as a cold snack, or even freeze pieces of fruit, and then add them to a drink. You can have a really delicious fruit salad, and even be a bit naughty with the addition of some freezing cold ice cream as well.

Use your freezer

A freezer is a wonderful place that you can go to for your ice cream and even for those fruit juice popsicles for your kids. But there are more things that you can do. Crush some ice and make your own slushie. Make a smoothie and then freeze it either as ice blocks or as a popsicle. Add ice to your smoothie or milkshake. Freeze yoghurt and add it to your smoothie. You can even put your pillow slips in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer so that they are icy cold when you put them on your pillow at night.

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Specialised heating and cooling systems are a valuable addition to your lifestyle and they are now very efficient. But it is important to remember that there are other things we can do to help us enjoy the summer months more. Take advantage of the summertime and enjoy a healthy and relaxing lifestyle that will make your home feel like a summer resort. But for your air conditioning needs, contact Advance Heating & Cooling today on (03) 9310 1990 for a free quote.