Summer is a time when we all feel the impact of the heat. It can affect our lives in many ways and it can be very draining when it affects our rest and relaxation time. We tend to rely on specialised heating and cooling systems for our living environment to provide the solution. But there are other ways that we can think about changing our living environment to help keep us feeling cooler in the hottest times of the year.

Change the mood of your interior decoration

It can be difficult to feel motivated and energetic when it is hot. It is not easy to get away in our busy lives to enjoy summer resorts. But we can bring some of that summer holiday feeling into our home. Be a little creative to enjoy the summer resort vibe and you will not have to spend much money to achieve this. Maybe you would like to enjoy a coastal theme or bring some of the feeling of the beach indoors. Coastal decor, such as coral, seashell, and driftwood decorations can make a big difference. Brightly coloured tropically themed throw rugs or cushion covers for your lounge will also lift your living space.

Install good insulation

Often we are focused on using specialised heating and cooling systems, but if your house is not properly insulated then they will be much less effective. Inefficient insulation means that you will be feeling the heat from your roof flowing into your living environment. By installing suitable insulation, you are able to make a big difference on a hot sunny day. You might also consider having suitable ventilation in your roof space to allow hot air to flow out and to help keep the temperature of your roof down.

Reduce heat transfer through your windows

During the day, if you have suitable blinds and curt