Why You Need To Reduce Indoor Humidity & How It’s Done

The term “humidity” takes your mind to something uncomfortable: hot days. Humid days, especially in summer, is a terrifying experience for many, and people sit inside their homes or escape to cooler places to get rid of the extreme conditions. While it creates discomfort for you, humidity is known to have several benefits as well. [...]


Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

The proper functioning of air conditioning systems is based on how well people maintain their units. When summer scorches in Australia, you can’t have an air conditioning unit with issues or faulty components. In addition to that, regular maintenance of air conditioners can give you multiple benefits. While most air conditioners have a life of [...]


7 Ways To Reduce Air Conditioning Costs & Save Energy

Summer and electricity bills have a close relationship. When the mercury level in the thermometer rises, the energy use and the utility bills also go up. It is mainly due to the air conditioner’s need to combat the scorching summer heat. Today, the air conditioners available on the market are energy efficient and come with [...]


How Houses Were Cooled Before Air Conditioning

The need to find a method for cooling a house in a hot climate is nothing new. With the use of systems for heating and cooling, Melbourne residents have demonstrated their willingness to look for effective solutions. Throughout history, there has been a range of methods and approaches for keeping cool. How older civilizations kept [...]


The Need To Hire Experienced Air Conditioning Repairmen

Air conditioners need to be well maintained and regularly serviced. When there are problems they should be repaired by a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced repairman. If you are looking for air conditioning repairs, then Advance Heating & Cooling is able to offer quality professionals to assist you. The first air conditioners Air conditioning units [...]


11 Air Conditioning Mistakes That Increase Your Bills

Air conditioning during a Melbourne summer can make a great deal of difference. We are experiencing some hot summers and there are even days in spring and autumn when we need the air conditioning system working. It can make a massive difference to our lifestyle, but it does come at a cost. There are some [...]


The Difference Between Residential Air Conditioning Vs. Industrial HVAC

Air conditioning has been used in commercial, industrial, and residential environments for many years and the effectiveness and the efficiency of these systems has increased. Design of the systems has become more complex and more sophisticated and, as a result, these advanced systems are able to function far more effectively in a range of environments. [...]


5 Methods To Save Money on Your Power Bill From Air Conditioning

It can get hot here in summer. If you are considering air conditioning installation in Melbourne Advance Heating and cooling is a suitable environment. Running the air conditioning during the hotter months of the year can make an electricity bill rapidly increase. However, the alternative is not a very attractive option, particularly on those baking [...]