Air conditioning has been used in commercial, industrial, and residential environments for many years and the effectiveness and the efficiency of these systems has increased. Design of the systems has become more complex and more sophisticated and, as a result, these advanced systems are able to function far more effectively in a range of environments. There has also been a lot of recent development in the technology associated with how these systems are managed and the way that their functions are monitored and controlled. Industrial air conditioning has benefited greatly with systems that are able to be monitored in real time so that any issues are addressed quickly, and the systems will operate at peak efficiency.

The residential environment has become very reliant on air conditioning systems during summer. In Melbourne, we know that summer can mean some days that are very hot, particularly during January. But we are also experiencing more hot days at other times as well. The design of older houses has meant that they need cooling during these hot months. Many new properties are not taking advantage of passive cooling techniques, but they are being designed to have air conditioning systems insta