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Are you in need of market-leading evaporative cooling in Sunshine area? The friendly experts at Advance Heating and Cooling are available to provide our customers a range of services. We install, repair and service commercial heating and cooling services around Sunshine ranging from ducted, split, or reverse cycle systems.

We operate in the heart of the west

Located in Braybrook, our skilled technicians can travel to your home or workplace to ensure your evaporative cooling or heating system’s efficient running. We strive to provide all our Sunshine clients with a transparent service and maintain open communication and updates on any repairs or parts that may be required.

Not only is our location easily accessible for those looking for an air conditioning installation in Sunshine, but we are the air conditioning and evaporative cooling supplier of choice for many western suburb-based

builders and tradesmen in need of new parts. We are the leading air conditioning wholesalers of the western suburbs of Melbourne. We supply and install premium industry-leading brands for both commercial and domestic applications. Whatever the need, we have your heating and cooling supplies covered.

Air Conditioning In Sunshine

In Australia, our weather conditions are constantly changing, and therefore, finding the appropriate temperature for your indoor living Sunshine areas may be difficult. We specialise in air conditioning in Sunshine that is adaptable, reliable, and fully functional. Ensure your commercial or residential Sunshine property is equipped with the appropriate air conditioning system when choosing our team at Advance Heating and Cooling.

Air Conditioning Service Sunshine

Keeping your air conditioner in optimal condition requires proper maintenance and servicing. We specialise in air conditioning installation and repairs as we are always looking for ways to prolong the lifecycle of your unit.

Our team will make their way to your Sunshine property to check for any faults in your system. After a detailed evaluation, we will provide you with any critical information needed to maintain your system correctly. By servicing your system, you will ensure that all potential issues are being dealt with and saving money from mending problems that could become more extreme in the long run. For more information on our air conditioning services Sunshine, contact us today.

Air Conditioning Installation Sunshine

Are you looking for an experienced team to complete your air conditioning installation in Sunshine? We follow detailed guidelines for installing air conditioning units into commercial and residential properties. We offer installation services for traditional air conditioning units and reverse cycle split systems and reverse cycle inverter ducted systems. We will help you find the best system for your Sunshine property through a comprehensive inspection and conduct an efficient air conditioning installation process.

Air Conditioning Repairs Sunshine

It’s not enough to install an air conditioning system; it must be functioning perfectly to be the most beneficial. Throughout the year, Australia confronts a series of weather conditions, and therefore, your property must be ready to tackle each one. We provide air conditioning repairs in Sunshine when your system isn’t performing at its best.

Common problems include compressor issues, fan problems, and refrigerant leaks. No matter the issues, at We have the perfect solutions for you. For more information on our air conditioning repairs process and services Sunshine, contact us today.

Climate Control Sunshine

To enhance the climate control inside your home or Sunshine property, choose to install add-on air conditioning. Add-on air conditioning allows you to conduct temperature zoning, which means you can set a different temperature for each room – allowing everyone to have their preference according to the space they sit in. Add-on air conditioning is refrigerated cooling and uses the same ductwork and outlets as your ducted heater.

It is also a more cost-effective option for cooling or heating your home as you are only targeting areas of your property that matter. There’s no need to regulate the temperature of empty rooms like traditional ducted systems do, and therefore, you’ll be saving both energy and money in the long run. For more information on climate control in Sunshine, get in touch with our experts.

Evaporative Cooling in Sunshine

Evaporative cooling services in Sunshine are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This method of cooling works by using water to cool down hot air, which is then circulated through the building, providing a refreshing and comfortable environment. The benefits of evaporative cooling are numerous, including lower energy bills, increased air quality, and improved health and well-being.

In addition, evaporative cooling systems are easy to maintain and environmentally friendly, making them a smart choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether you’re looking to cool a large commercial space or a smaller residential property, Advance heating and cooling in Sunshine can provide a reliable and effective cooling solutions.

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Having a working climate control for the hot months and an evaporative cooling system for the cooler months is imperative in creating a comfortable environment for our Sunshine based clients. Talk to our qualified installers today on (03) 9310 1990 or by visiting our store located at Shop 3, 296 Ballarat Road, Braybrook.

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