Melbourne is a city with history. It has many period buildings and houses spread throughout the suburbs. There is a range of residences of different sizes and styles from Victorian and Edwardian times, as well as Federation styled properties and California bungalows. There are terraces in the inner city as well as working men’s cottages. Many of these beautiful old houses have been renovated. Some of this has occurred recently and some of it occurred sometime in the last 40 years. There has been a lot of development in the area of property renovations with improved techniques and designs and there is always opportunity to make improvements to older homes.

For many people, it is no problem for them to keep the older style of a property and make enhancements. Others may be inclined to knock a house down and build something new, but this is not so easy to do, with Councils placing restrictions on this. For many people who own an older house, it will be important to find a way to make improvements without having much impact on the appearance of the property.

There are many property owners who are offering properties for rental as well. The money they can make is good in Melbourne. And if a property has a modern kitchen and bathroom, as well as efficient air conditioning and heating systems, then it will be more attractive to many potential tenants and the owner will be able to demand a higher rent.

We all know that summer in Melbourne can be hot. Many of these older style houses were not so well designed for handling the hotter weather. And there is continuing to be changes occurring with global climate change having an impact. Some of the summer days we are having are baking hot. And we seem to be getting more hotter days in late spring and early autumn as well. It has become necessary to install an efficient and effective air conditioning system on your property to keep it acceptably cool on those hot days. If you are considering using an air conditioning service, Advance Heating & Cooling have a number who are skilled and qualified with the necessary knowledge to ensure you install the most suitable system to meet your needs.

Ways to reduce the heat

There are a few things you can do to help reduce the impact of the heat. You can check the insulation and if it is not good then replace with it one of the many types that are highly effective. You can check your windows and make sure that they are able to be closed and that they work effectively to keep out hot air. You should also check to make sure they are not being subjected to direct sunlight during the day and if they are, then consider installing a blind to protect them. You can put up thick thermal layered curtains that will be able to keep out the worst of the heat during those really hot days. But even with these measures, you are still going to need a good air conditioning system.

Split systems

A ductless or split system air conditioning system consists of two units. There is the condenser that is located outside of the house and there is an evaporator or air handler that is installed on an interior wall of the property. Coolant moves along a narrow conduit between the two units. It is cold as it comes from the compressor outside and is used to produce cold air inside the house. It then moves back to the compressor, carrying the heat from the interior of the property which is then released into the air.

There are two aspects to this system that will have an impact. The first is that the compressor produces noise and heat. The level of noise will usually depend on the size and quality of the air conditioning unit, and how hard it has to work. It will produce heat and this will depend again on how much work it has to do in cooling down the property.

The other aspect is that you will need to have a unit installed on the wall inside your home. These units have become a much more commonplace sight and many people tend to regard them as just a normal part of the appearance of a room. But if you do not want them, then you may need to consider having a ducted cooling system installed instead. If you need advice from a professional air conditioning service, Advanced Heating & Cooling has qualified professionals who will be able to help explain the details of design and installation for you.

Heating systems

With some ductless systems, they are also able to work as a heat pump or a heating system for the home. This means that the process with the transfer of heat is reversed so that cold air is taken out of the house and released by the compressor into the atmosphere and then the warmth is brought in to be released inside.

Filters and installation

Ductless systems also use filters to remove dust and allergens from the air, helping to make it easier for you to breathe. These filters are able to be taken out of the machines, washed at home, and then re-used, cutting down on costs and reducing waste. This is an important consideration for the ongoing use of the system and there is also the need to ensure that the system is able to function properly from the time that it is first put in.

With all air conditioning systems installation is important. Selecting the right unit for the amount of space you need cooled ensures that it will be able to operate at optimal efficiency. It will be important to make sure that it is maintained and serviced regularly.

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