Inverter-based Technology in Reverse Cycle Systems

Fujitsu Ducted

A reverse cycle inverter ducted air conditioner is electrically operated and achieves optimal climate control via innovative technology. Similar to other specialised heating and cooling systems, reverse cycle digital inverters can be installed either in the roof or under the floor. The indoor fan coil regulates and distributes the air, which is then circulated via ducts and outlets.

Did you know that inverter-based systems are more than three times more energy efficient than conventional electric heaters? Digital inverters ensure:

  • High efficiency
  • Noticeable energy savings
  • Great performance
  • Able to have up to 8 zones with individual temperature control for each zones

If your home or office does not have sufficient gas to run a climate control system then electric reverse cycle inverter-based air conditioning may be the right solution for you.

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